GED 2014: A Very Different Test

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The GED Test will soon look very different.  It will only be given on the computer.  It will contain many different interactions.  Students will even be required to type their essays into a document using word processing skills.  In addition to changes in the way the GED looks and is administered, the content will change as well.  Students will be getting two scores…one for the GED test and one for Career-and-College-Readiness.

Interactions on the new test will include “drag and drop” answers, short answers, hot spot items, cloze items, fill-in-the-blank, as well as essay writing in Literacy and Social Studies.  A calculator and formula page will be available on the tool bar when appropriate.   Aztec Software has already begun to develop these interactions to be integrated in their GED study program.

Content on the new GED will be broken into four tests instead of five.  Literacy, Math, Social Studies, and Science will be the new breakdown.  Essays will be required in Literacy and Social Studies.  Reading and writing standards will be measured in Social Studies.  Reading standards will be measured in Science.  In Literacy, 75% of texts will be informational and 25% will be literature.  Math will be comprised of 45% quantitative problem solving and 55% will be algebraic problem solving.  In terms of overall complexity, 80% of items across all four content areas will require the use of abstractions or strategic thinking skills.  Only 20% of test items will come from straight recall.

Tests will come from the Common Core State Standards as well as similar career-and-college-readiness standards in place in Texas and Virginia.  Reading passages will include college level material.  For a look at the competencies tested, see the GED Assessment Guide Chapter Two.  Go to the GED Testing Service page for Educators to download material.  Aztec Software has already begun to develop curriculum based in the standards identified by the GED Testing Service.

 Scoring for the new GED will also look different.  There will be measures on two levels:  GED and Career-and-College-Readiness.  Rubrics can be found in Chapter Three of the GED Assessment Guide cited above.  Aztec Software has already begun development of scoring rubrics to mirror the new GED rubrics.

We will navigate the new testing together with teachers and students.  It is important to help students who are currently enrolled complete all their testing prior to 2014 if at all possible, because none of their tests will be counted once the new tests are officially required.  Aztec is updating its GED Series with new practices, new instruction, and new graphics…for a peek at the new opening to Social Studies,  go to

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